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Welcome to Education Career Service's Job Posting Web Site! Schools and organizations, both domestic and international, often contact Education Career Services for assistance in filling positions. The job postings at this site are the result. We post these listings as a courtesy, not necessarily as an endorsement.

All contents of job postings are subject to Faculty of Education approval. The Faculty reserves the right to reject or cancel any posting at any time without cause. The Faculty shall not be liable for any costs or damages if for any reason it fails to post a positon and any liability for error will not exceed the cost of posting (currently free). The Faculty reserves the right to alter the wording of postings to conform with the Ontario Human Rights Code or other codes, as applicable. Positions available are open to all eligible applicants unless provincial human rights codes allow exceptions, which must be identified in the posting.

Please make note of the posting dates and application deadline dates. Enquiries about specific postings should be made directly to the organization listed unless otherwise as indicated. The postings are listed in six categories - Teaching; Teaching/Summer; Teaching Related; International; Other; and Volunteer Opportunities. However, there may be some overlap in classification, i.e., a posting may logically fit into two categories. It is therefore to your benefit to peruse all categories.

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