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This is where you will enter information about your available rooms. Please be sure to click on the Submit button when you are done. A message will be automatically sent to the page maintainer to activate your listing. Phone 613 533-6000 extension 77247 or email educstudentservices@queensu.ca to have your listing removed once your room(s) have been rented.

Please note that on 1 February each year, all the listings on the Education Housing Board will be removed and the board will be updated for the next academic year. If you would like to post your room(s) for the upcoming academic year, list your property on or after 2 February.

The Consecutive Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program spans 4 semesters, from May until August (16 months in total). See On-Campus & Practicum Dates below. Therefore, you will be unable to rent to another Consecutive Education student beginning the following May, as they will be completing their second summer term in the program.

The Concurrent Education B.Ed. program still remains in the previous format, spanning 2 semesters, from September until April. Concurrent students have the option of staying on from April to August to complete the summer term. Starting in September 2019, all Concurrent students will be enrolled from September to August.

On-Campus Weeks

Practicum Teaching Placements

Students may also require accommodations during the practicum teaching blocks if they are in Kingston.

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